Release Notes

This release contains Acceptance Criteria for awards, allowing nominations from the scholarship Awards tab, adding comments to Candidates, Auto-Match assistance, SmartRank criteria limit expansion, and a couple of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1327] - Award Acceptance Criteria
    • Acceptance Criteria is a new field when managing scholarships that allows schools to add additional text such as award terms and conditions for students to view when accepting an award. If the scholarship's Acceptance Required field is enabled (where student must accept the award before posting), the optional Acceptance Criteria field is available. The scholarship data import also supports this new field.
    • At the time of accepting an award, if the scholarship has anything found in the Acceptance Criteria field then that additional text will appear in the Accept Award modal. Otherwise acceptance is not required or the optional field is empty and additional text will not appear in the Accept Award modal


  • Students can also revisit and view the Acceptance Criteria for any award that has been posted. In the student Award page, under the Awards tab (posted awards) a new grid column called Acceptance Criteria will show an icon for any award that has Acceptance Criteria. By clicking the icon, students can view the entire Acceptance Criteria and have the option to print the criteria. School users can also view the acceptance criteria from the Student Profile > Awards tab as well.
  • [SU-1322] - Allow Nominations from Scholarship Awards Tab
    • The scholarship Awards tab now has the ability to nominate students to add additional students not originally applied to the scholarship or found through direct award auto-match. The Nomination button is found next to the SmartRank selection and opens the same Nominate Student modal used in Award View. Please note that there are some restrictions as to when this feature is enabled based on the scholarship's selected Application Method and the scholarship status. This is only enabled when:
      • Application Method = Direct Award and Scholarship Status = Awarding
      • Application Method = Internal Application and Scholarship Status = Ready for Review, Review, or Awarding
      • Application Method = Internal Application with Continuous Awarding and Scholarship Status = Open or Awarding
  • [SU-1315] - Add Comments to Candidates
    • Within the scholarship Candidates tab, users now have the ability to add comments to each student record found by clicking the comments icon. If an existing comment is found, the comments modal will also show the name of the last user to edit a comment and the date and time they did. Please note that this comment field only allows up to 250 characters and can be overridden.

  • [SU-1328] - Force Auto-Match with Matching Requirement Changes
    • To help reduce confusion whether the auto-match feature has been re-run or not after matching requirements have been changed and ensure the candidate list is reflecting the most current matching requirements, a few additional enhancements have been added to the scholarship Matching and Candidates tabs. 
      • If a scholarship is using the direct award method and the scholarship is currently in Awarding status, changing matching requirements will force the Auto-Match feature to re-run at the time of save. This is only forced in Awarding status because any status ahead of it has not run auto-match and therefore does not have match candidates, and any status after does not allow editing of matching requirements and does not need to re-run Auto-Match.
      • In the Candidates tab, a label appears under the Re-Run Auto-Match button for direct award scholarships that displays the last update for the Auto-Match process.
  • [SU-1324] - SmartRank Criteria Limit Expanded
    • The SmartRank criteria limit has been expanded from 5 questions/SIS fields to up to 10 to allow schools to add additional criteria. Please note that the weight percentage must still total to exactly 100% before saving is allowed.


  • [SU-1331] - School SIS Import Error
    • Fixed an error where the SIS import file would occasionally fail to very large files.
  • [SU-1319] - Thank You Section Instructions Caching
    • Resolved an issue where editing a thank you letter template's section instructions would sometimes cache and appear on the next section. The cache issue should be resolved and will no longer occasionally see one section's instructions over in another's.