Release Notes

The release contains a new Student Actions Report, preventing custom values from being added to global question lists, Candidate and Award tab views persisting through sessions, removing apply dates from direct award scholarships on the public page, and a couple of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1258] - Student Award Actions Report
    • The new Student Award Actions report has been added and allows users to export and audit all of the student award actions generated during the awarding process, including awards requiring acceptance and/or thank you letters. For each student action record, the report includes student and scholarship information, acceptance information, and thank you information. This report is available to Admin and Award Manager users, found within the Reports page.
  • [SU-1287] - Adding Values to Global Lists Restricted
    • Institutes can no longer add custom values to out-of-box global question lists used for matching questions. The purpose for allowing additional values to be added by institutes was to generate new global values that could be used across all other institutes. CampusLogic has seen custom values add that are school specific and do not apply to other schools, which in turn is seen by all students. We've also noticed duplicate values added that are slightly worded differently to existing global values. Adding these specific/duplicate values creates more confusion for students, especially values they don't understand because they are internal school values or seeing nearly identical to the global values provided. Institutes have the ability to map SIS values to the global list values and should take advantage of this so that when a student answers a question, the value selected can be used to match to both external and institutional scholarships. If you institute has questions around mapping list values, determining if a custom question with a custom institutional list is a better solution, or have suggestions to add new global values, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • [SU-1323] - SmartRank and Custom Columns Persistence
    • When managing SmartRank and custom columns in both the Scholarship Candidates and Awards┬átabs, these views will now persist across sessions for users, meaning they will be automatically saved and loaded when coming back to each tab. The saved view for Candidates and Awards tabs are treated separately, and any changes made will automatically save and used across scholarships.
      • For example, in scholarship A I use a SmartRank and add a custom column when viewing the Candidates tab. When I leave the scholarship and come back, or I go to view the Candidates tab in another scholarship, the last setup will automatically load in the Candidates tab.
  • [SU-1308] - Remove Apply Dates from Direct Award Scholarships on Public Page
    • Apply By dates have been removed from all Direct Award scholarships displayed on the public page. Because Direct Awards cannot be applied by students, there is no need to show this and cause any confusion.


  • [SU-1343] - Question Container Grid Error
    • Fixed an issue where navigating to a different grid page for Question Containers, or changing the page view size would generate an error. This no longer occurs and allows users to easily navigate size and pages.
  • [SU-1187] - Student Application Slowness
    • Resolved an issue where students opening an application where previously answered questions are being brought it were seeing slowness. The student application process has had performance enhancements to help applications load much faster.