The Scholarship matching questions page allows the student to answer questions to appropriately match them with scholarships that best apply to them. 

Upon first logging into ScholarshipUniverse, the student will see the landing page. By clicking on the 'I'm Ready!' button, students will be prompted to begin answering questions that will match them with scholarships.

If the student has already logged in and is simply returning to their account, they will be shown the dashboard, with the invitation to answer more questions in a gray banner at the top of the screen. They also have the option of choosing the 'Questions' tab on the left to continue answering questions, which will ultimately match them to more scholarship opportunities. 

As students are answering questions, they will be prompted to insert certain criteria, such as major or GPA. Please note that questions that are associated with direct award will not appear for students to answer. 

If a student does not want to answer the question, they also have the option to either choose: 

  • N/A
  • Skip

If students have some feedback regarding a certain question or value in the list provided, they have the ability to leave feedback by choosing the 'Leave Feedback' link. This information is sent to CampusLogic for review. 

When the student logs into their ScholarshipUniverse account, they are able to see the answers they have provided as well as the ability to edit those answers by choosing the pencil icon on the question. 

If the question has been answered by an SIS import, the pencil icon will no longer be there for students to edit their answers and will be replaced with a lock icon. By choosing the 'Answer More Questions' button, they can continue going through matching questions which will increase their scholarship opportunity. 

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