Release Notes

This release contains an enhancement to further improve the student experience creating/resetting PIN for Single Sign-On (SSO) institutes.


  • [SV-3820] - Create/Forgot PIN Modal Updates
    • To help reduce any confusion creating/resetting a PIN password for Single Sign-On (SSO) students, we've added a few updates to ensure students can create their PIN without issues.
      • Additional language has been added in these modals to reflect the verbiage used when registering their account during their first login to StudentForms - that their key identifier information provided must match their FAFSA/Dream Application. This is to help reduce chances of entering information not matching their ISIR, such as using a nickname rather than their legal name.
      • New validation messages have been created to explicitly call out any error with creating/resetting a PIN. The previous validation verbiage always used explained that it could be an issue with the identifiers and/or the PIN entered. This broad validation has been removed and the following individual validations may be shown:    
        • One or more key identifiers does not match
        • The PIN entered is their current PIN
        • The PIN entered was an existing PIN and cannot be used at this time (similar to Direct Sign-On (DSO) schools and account passwords)
          • Please note that PIN reuse follows the same settings as password reuse, managed in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Settings