Release Notes

This release contains a checkback filter on the Manage Content page, a new dashboard tile for students in queue, closed captioning for web chat videos, and an outstanding training workflow notification.


  • [SA-339] - Checkback Filter on Manage Content Page
    • A Checkback column and filter have been added to the Manage Content page. Checkback Date is a field located in the Add/Edit Question and Response modal used to help institutions track when they would like to revisit content provided for a response, in cases where responses may change on a yearly basis. The Checkback column will now display the date for any question and response given one, as well as allow users to filter by Checkback, as well. Please note that the Checkback filter will look for any question/response with a Checkback Date that is before or on the date given in the filter.
  • [SA-334] - Students in Queue Dashboard Tile
    • The Students in Queue tile has been added to the dashboard, which provides a count of students/anonymous users who are in the Awaiting Advisor queue waiting to speak to an advisor. Admin and Advisor roles have visibility to this tile, and when click will navigate to the Advising > Awaiting Advisor tab.
  • [SA-336] - Add Closed Captioning to Embedded Videos in Web Chat
    • We've ensured that students viewing videos within the web chat have the option to view closed captioning. This is now an option present in the video player.
  • [SA-327] - Outstanding Training Workflow Records Notification
    • A new notification has been added to the dashboard to remind users that there are outstanding training workflows present. If at least one training workflow record is found that is unassigned and unresolved, this notification will appear. It provides a count of No Response records and a count of Low Confidence records. If both queues are clear, this notification will be hidden. It will only be presented to Admin and Content Managers.