Release Notes

This release contains a fix to the View Conversation and My Conversation screens and a fix to display responsive image sizes within grids.


  • [SA-369] - RSS Refresh On Active Conversation Not Updating
    • Resolved an issue when viewing a live conversation where new incoming messages from both the student and VirtualAdvisor/advisor side were not generating in view in real time. The workaround forced school advisors to close the View Conversation modal and reopen to view the newest messages, or navigate away from their conversation and return. View Conversation and My Conversations are correctly displaying new messages as they come into the conversation.
  • [SA-344] - Large Images in Responses Not Responsive on School Side
    • Fixed an issue where large hosted images added to a response were not displaying correctly in any grid on the institute's side, such as viewing the Manage Content page grid. Previously within the grids the image would be cut off to the size of the column. Now these images will correctly change their size responsively to fit within the column so that school users can see the entire image.