The following videos provide a functional introduction to Direct Awarding. Direct award scholarships have the application method set to NO Application - Direct Award and do not use an application from the student. Direct Awarding uses the matching engine to qualify students and then an administrator reviews and awards the matching candidates using SmartRank to differentiate the students. 

Students do not see Direct Award Scholarships so they do not know they are being considered. Typically, Direct Awards rely almost solely on imported SIS data to evaluate students and/or incoming applicants. 

The direct awarding process has several optional steps depending on the process for approving scholarships and whether post award steps for acceptance and thank you letters are required by the scholarship. The videos below assume that SIS data has been loaded and the matching rules are already in place. 

Step 1: Generate Scholarship Candidates 

Step 2: Apply a SmartRank to Candidates

Step 3: Approve Awards (Optional)

Step 4: Notify Recipients

Step 5: Monitor and Approve Thank You Letters (Optional)

Step 6: Post Awards