Release Notes

This release contains an update to the Candidate comments and a fix for the Internal Application Volume report.


  • [SU-1365] - Candidates Tab Comments Distinction
    • Enhanced the newly release comments feature in the Scholarship > Candidates tab to use two distinct icons to represent records with and without a comment saved. All records with an empty word bubble do not have a comment - all records with a word bubble containing " ... " have a comment saved. Users can also sort by the Comments column to find all records with a comment quickly.


  • [SU-1366] - Internal Application Volume Report Not Pulling Applications With Continuous Awarding
    • Fixed an issue where the Internal Application Volume report was not correctly pulling records for any scholarship using the "Internal Application with Continuous Awarding" application method. The report is correctly pulling all records for scholarships where Application Method = "Internal Application" or "Internal Application with Continuous Awarding".