Release Notes

This release contains a fix to the parent e-sign request and auto-submit task process.


  • [SV-3845] - Parent E-Signature Request Disappears When Uploading Supporting Documents First
    • Fixed an issue where the Parent E-Sign Request subtask would disappear for a web form if the student skips it and begins uploading any supporting documentation for the web form first. The request would reappear once the page was refreshed or the student came back to their task list at a later time, but disappearing at first caused confusion. The Parent E-Signature Request no longer disappears if students choose to upload supporting documentation first.
  • [SV-3858] - Auto-Submit Task Not Sealing Documents Signed By Parents
    • Resolved an issue where the auto-submit task process was not correctly sealing documents under a web form task where the parent signed. On the school side, users could see the document was submitted but not be able to click and open the documents to review. Auto-submitted tasks with parent signed web forms are correctly being seen and accessed on the school side.