Release Notes

Happy New Year! This release contains a massive update to the Batch Applications report, updated validation for numeric/integer type questions, and a few minor fixes.


  • [SU-1309] - Batch Applications Report
    • The Batch Applications report has had a huge update. Previously the report pulled an html file of all student applications submitted and limited to pull only if an application was found in a current review pool. Batch Applications are no available to pull for scholarships in every status except Draft, Complete, and Archive.
    • Batch Applications now have the ability to pull the applications in HTML or CSV file format. Batch Applications now have the ability to zip a single document selected or all documents related to the chosen application. Please note that based on the number of applicants from the application selected and the number of documents associated to the application, processing time for this report varies and can expect longer wait times the more applicants/docs there are. For more information, please see the Batch Applications article.
  • [SU-1379] - Allow Numeric/Integer Questions to Have Minimum Value of 0
    • Numeric and Integer type questions have the ability to set a minimum and maximum value that a student can enter when answering the question. Previously the minimum value would not allow a value less than 1. The minimum value is now allowing a value greater than or equal to 0.


  • [SU-1380] - Address Questions Being Reasked
    • Resolved an issue where address questions had a slim chance of being asked repeatedly after a student answered the question already. Each address question (i.e. "From which high school did/will you graduate from?") actually has multiple questions tied to it - country, state, county, and city (also school for any high school/college questions). In some instances, the question algorithm has two individual questions lined up (i.e. "From which state did/will you graduate from?" and "From which city did/will you graduate from?" ), then the question algorithm would go ahead and ask the question twice. The algorithm will now correctly recognize separate questions tied to the same address question and not ask twice.
  • [SU-1386] - Editing Descriptions
    • Fixed an issue where typing within the scholarship Description field forced the cursor to the end of the field. The cursor now stays in place while typing.
  • [SU-1367] - Scholarship Criteria Report Question Display
    • Resolved an issue where the Scholarship Criteria export was displaying the global question name for all questions found in the report, rather than displaying the custom display name an institute entered. This caused some confusion not seeing the same label as expected and is now updated to display custom display text.