Release Notes

Happy New Year! This release includes the ability for advisors to send conversations back into the advisor queue and the ability to update the category of training records.


  • [SA-376] - Send Conversation Back to Queue
    • Advisors in conversations with students now have the ability to transfer the student back into the advisor queue as long as other advisors associated to the selected category are currently active. Previously once an advisor was done with a conversation they had to either transfer directly to another available advisor or transfer the student back to VirtualAdvisor. This allows users to transfer a conversation back to a specific category queue and allow those advisors to pick up the conversation when they can.
  • [SA-371] - Change Category on Training Records
    • Institutional users now have the ability to update the category set for training records found in the Training Workflow page. Previously all training records were set to the category of the response that VirtualAdvisor, but because the low confidence responses are unsure responses, users may determine that the response should be reviewed by other users associated to another category. By selecting a record(s), a user can select to Change Category and assign it to the proper category for review.