Release Notes

Happy New Year! This release contains the ability to pend review on appeal transactions and a couple of minor bug fixes for the review workflows.


  • [SV-3795] - Allow Ability to Pend Appeal Transactions
    • All appeals now have the ability to be pended for delayed review. Similar to the Verification transaction, pending an appeal transaction will remove it from being pulled by the Get Next Appeal button. When reviewing the Appeals workflow queue, institutes will now find new columns to display the Award Year and Pend columns and advanced filtering will allow users to filter by pended, non-pended, or all records.


  • [SV-3857] - Verification File Review Queue Export Timeout
    • Enhanced the verification file review workflow queue's export option to have better performance to handle exporting large volumes of records.
  • [SV-3869] - Submitted Documents from Waived Tasks Not Appearing in Document Review Tile Count
    • Fixed an issue where the Document Review tile count was not counting for any document under a waived task, leading to an issue where the tile was displaying less documents to what were found in the document review workflow queue. Any document submitted through a task must have action taken by the school, regardless of the task later being waived.