Release Notes

This release contains a fix to the saved grid view user setting and student application answers not saving properly the first time.


  • [SU-1389] - Scholarship Candidates/Award Screens Receiving Error When Data Fields are Deactivated
    • Resolved an issue where users may come across an error when opening the scholarship Candidates and/or Awards tab if their previously saved grid view contained an active SIS data field that has since then been deactivated. Because the deactivated field was no longer valid, users may have received an error. Now if a SIS data field has been deactivated, users who enter the screen when their last visit contained this field will no longer receive the error and have the field removed from their saved view user setting.
  • [SU-1399] - Application Answer Saves
    • Fixed an issue where some student application answers were not saving properly the first time, which led to students reaching the final Review and Submit page and being told they still had answers to complete. Students were forced to reopen the section for the save to fully commit, leading to a minor inconvenience. Application answers are properly being saved.