My Inbox is user's conversation inbox when speaking to students who are either replying to Outreaches sent by the user or sending new messages to the user's assigned email and/or phone number. Though it has some similar functionality to My Conversations, this is targeted for conversation between users and their assigned students while My Conversation is used for advisors joining live conversations for any student currently speaking to VirtualAdvisor.

My Inbox

There are two types of conversations that occur in My Inbox - SMS messages that text to and from the student's phone and email conversations to and from the student's email address. Advisors can view the entire conversation with a student and live chat with students similar to joining a live conversation from non-assigned students who begin their conversation with VirtualAdvisor in the My Conversations tab.

As new responses come in from students, they will always be placed at the top of the list and are sorted from newest to oldest student response. All unread messages will display in a bold manner while a red dot indicator appears next to My Inbox - this red dot also appears next to the Advising menu item. When all messages have been opened, these indicators disappear.

Each conversation card on the left show the student and time of last message received. The email and SMS cards differ slightly in appearance. 

  • Email conversations show an envelope icon and display the subject of an email
  • SMS conversations show a phone icon and display the last text message from the student

Phone conversations are continuous, but email conversations may be separated into multiple cards. Email cards are determined by the subject. If a user sends multiple Outreaches to a student with different email subjects, a reply to each Outreach will generate a separate conversation. Or if a student starts a brand new email chain with a unique email subject then a separate conversation will be created.

Users can filter their inbox a variety of different ways.

  • Click the Filter (Funnel) icon above the inbox summary to choose filter parameters
  • Input or select parameters¬†to filter the inbox; users can filter by
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student ID
    • Status: Read or Unread messages
    • Subject: subject of an email
    • Outreach: select conversations from a specific outreach program
    • Last Message Within: select a range to include messages where the last message came in (Today, Last Week, Last 2 Weeks, Last 30 Days, Custom Range)
  • Click the Apply button

  • Click on a conversation from the inbox summary to view a conversation

If a conversation was started from an Advisor's Outreach, the conversation will begin with a notification of which Outreach this originated from.

Advisors are able to type and send a message to a student. Similar to live conversations, users can click on a message to view the date and time of the message or mark the message as sensitive data.

  • Click the message to view date and time

  • Click the Sensitive Date (eyeball) icon to mark a message as sensitive

When replying to a student, Advisors can update the category of the conversation as needed or mark any of their replies as sensitive data, as well.

Please Note: When conversing with a student using SMS text messages, a user may be prompted that the SMS cap has been hit and will prevent the user from sending out further messages. An institution should reach out to their Custom Success Manager if their SMS cap is high or has reached the cap limit. The current SMS plan usage can be seen by any Admin user on the Dashboard page.

View Other User's Inboxes

The Advisor Manager role has specific permissions to view any other user's inbox to view their conversations. From the My Inbox page an Advisor Manager has the ability to select a specific user and display the inbox as that user would.

  • Select a user from the user selector above the inbox summary to view another user's inbox

Please note that users viewing other users' inboxes cannot interact with any conversation found - they are view only and cannot type in responses or change conversation categories. Viewing an unread conversation will not mark it as read.

Archiving and Removal of Conversations

Advisors are going to want and need a way to archive messages so that their inbox is not cluttered. Users can manually push a conversation to archive status and the system will auto-archive messages after so many days since the last student response. Messages in the archive list can be retrieved and student responses can move them back to current status, but the system will permanently remove a conversation sitting in archive status after so long.

Users can manually select a conversation and move it from Current conversations to Archived conversations. Generally a current conversation will be moved over to Archived status after 120 days since the last student response.

  • Hover over a conversation card
  • Click the X icon to push a conversation to Archived status

Archived conversations can manually be re-opened in Current status. Any response from a student will also automatically move a conversation back to Current status.

  • Hover over a conversation card
  • Click the Recycle icon to push a conversation back to Current status

After 180 since the last student message, an archived conversation will be permanently removed from the Archive list.

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