An Outreach program is a way for users to send a specific notification to a select group of students. This may be used to engage in a conversation over email or SMS text messaging or to simply send notifications or reminders. Users can assign the responses to be sent back to their inbox in StudentAdvisor or have any responses handled by VirtualAdvisor. 

The Outreach Programs page is a list of existing Outreach programs in their various stages from Draft to Completed. Based on the current status users can take certain actions on them or begin building a new Outreach program. It can be accessed by Admin, Advisor Manager, and Advisor users in VirtualAdvisor > Outreach Programs.

Managing Outreach Programs

The Outreach Programs grid is divided into four categories:

  • Draft: all programs that have been created and saved but not submitted for a scheduled date
  • Scheduled: all programs that have been built and are scheduled to send out at a future date
  • In-Progress: any program that has recently hit the scheduled date and time and is currently sending out notifications
  • Completed: all programs that have finished sending out notifications

Across each tab there is general information that is shared:

  • the Outreach name
  • the Outreach description
  • the Advisor who created the Outreach
  • the number of students

Advisor users can only view Outreaches that they have created themselves and will not see any other user's Outreaches. Admin users can view all records across any user and have the ability to take action on them if needed.

Other actions can be taken on existing Outreach programs.

  • Click the Edit (pencil) icon to edit an Outreach(only available for programs in Draft or Scheduled status)
    • Draft programs can have everything edited; Scheduled programs can only have the scheduled date and time adjusted
  • Click the Copy icon to generate a new draft of an Outreach program, copying the details of the existing program selected
    • This does not copy selected students, only the information capture in the Details tab
  • Click the Delete (trash can) icon to delete a program (only available for programs in Draft status)
  • Click the Cancel (X) icon to cancel a scheduled program (only available for programs in Scheduled status)
  • Click the View (binoculars) icon to view a read-only version of the draft; nothing can be edited (only available for programs in In-Progress or Completed status)
  • Click the Conversations (word bubble) iconto view the conversations generated from the Outreach
  • Click the Results (graph) icon to view the delivery statistics of the program
    • based on the Outreach type, it may show Email only, SMS only, or both Email and SMS
    • the table will show the number of communications sent for each type, along with how many were confirmed delivered and undeliverable
      • "Cap Limit" may appear if the number of SMS messages to send exceeds the available amount left in the current period - any SMS that was not sent due to exceeding the limit will be counted in this row. An institution should reach out to their Custom Success Manager if their SMS cap is high or has reached the cap limit. The current SMS plan usage can be seen by any Admin user on the Dashboard page.

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