An institution can search and view student profiles. This includes any conversation between a student and VirtualAdvisor or school advisor and all Outreach Programs the student was included in. Admin, Advisor Manager, and Advisor users can search students by clicking the search icon on the top banner near the profile drop down.

Student Search

Student search allows users to review a variety of students, between those who have created an account in any CampusLogic product such as ScholarshipUniverse or StudentForms and verified students imported through PlatformManagement. From the search, users are able to click to view a student's profile.

  • Click the Search (Magnify Glass) iconon the top banner near the profile drop down
    • Input a first name, last name, first and last name, or student ID and press Enterto begin a search
      • Alternatively leave the search field blank and press Enter to go straight to the Student Search page

Note: If an exact match is found (i.e. first and last name only used by one student, or searching by student ID), the student profile modal will automatically pop up. If an exact match is not found (i.e. name used by more than one student), the user will navigate to the Student Search page with the search results populated.

The search results will list all students meeting the search criteria and will include the student's name, ID and email. The User column indicates whether or not a student has an account (checkmark means they have an account, blank for no account). The Student Active column displays whether a verified student is is active or not - this is used to determine if verified student without accounts are eligible to be assigned to advisors and receive notifications through Outreach Programs.

Users may also filter results by students who have an account (using the User Account filter) and verified students who are active or not (using the Student Active filter).

Please note: Advisors will only get results for students currently assigned to them. Admin users can search across all students.

  • Click the View (Binoculars) icon to open a student profile

Student Profile

The student profile allows users to view conversations and outreaches the student was involved with.

The profile header includes the student's name, account profile image (if given), and their student ID. If the student is a verified student without an account, the ID will appear as normal with a hover over to indicate they do not have an account. f they have an account, the ID will appear as a hyperlink and navigate to the student's account profile when clicked.

  • Click the Student ID hyperlink to navigate to the student's account profile

The Conversations tab lists all conversations the student has had between VirtualAdvisor and school advisors, similar to the Conversation Search screen.

The Outreaches tab lists all completed Outreach Programs the student was a part of. Each row includes the email and/or SMS number the notification was sent to, depending on whether email, SMS, or both were sent.