Release Notes

This release contains a new award status column in the award view, additional merge fields for award notifications, accessibility updates, and a couple of pesky bug fixes.


  • [SU-1400] - Add Award Status to Award View Page
    • A new Award Status column has been added to the Award View grid to display the current status of an award. If an award has been created for a student, the Award Status will track and display the status - no status indicates that an award has not been given. For Award Views currently displaying more than one scholarship, the status will only display for awards given. If two or more awards are in different statuses, this column will shown a linked called "Multiple" which will open a modal to display the status of each award created.
  • [SU-1377] - Updating Award Notifications with Additional Merge Fields
    • In order to help diversify award notifications sent to students, many merge fields have been added to the following award notifications managed in PlatformManagement.
      • Scholarship Award Notification With Action
      • Scholarship Award Notification Without Action
      • Scholarship Award Loss
      • Scholarship Posted
      • Award Adjustment
    • New merge fields include organization, department, and donor contact fields (i.e. name, description, address, email, etc), award year, terms, acceptance and thank you deadlines, application name, and many scholarship fields (renewal criteria, description, eligibility qualification, etc).
  • [SU-1408] - ScholarshipUniverse Accessibility Updates
    • Continuing to ensure ScholarshipUniverse is accessible, the following enhancements have been added
      • ensure the hamburger menu item is accessible by keyboard
      • ensure page title is announced at time of load
      • ensuring menu items are not being announced when left menu is collapsed


  • [SU-1401] - School Address Questions Need to Auto-Answer Skipped Counties
    • As students answer questions such as "Which high school will/did you graduate from?" or "Which colleges have you previously attended?", they are given an address lookup to help find the correct school associated to the correct city/county/state. After the student selects a state, they are given an option to filter down by county, or go directly to select a city. If a student selects a school without ever giving a county, ScholarshipUniverse was auto-answering the county on behalf of the student. Previously this was answering all counties associated to the city - in some cases because cities are legitimately divided between counties then ScholarshipUniverse would answer with any county associated to the city of the school. A fix has been put in to only select the county tied to the school selected.
  • [SU-1407] - SIS Field Mapping to Questions Answer Setting
    • Resolved an issue where the Map SIS Field Answer Option was not always adhering to the option selected. In rare cases based on timing of an answer by either the student or the SIS import file the selected option was not enforcing whether the student or SIS had the right to update an answer as expected. Updates to answers should not be adhering to the option selected - please note that if switching the option it can take up to 15 minutes to become fully enforced.