Release Notes

The release contains a site wide office name merge field, ability to bulk request documents for the SAP transaction, updates to review pages, and many more updates.


  • [SV-3525] - Institution Name Merge Field
    • There are many places throughout the product that reference an institution as the "Financial Aid Office" or "Office of Financial Aid". A new manageable merge field has been added for institutes to change the name to their preference and have it reflect across the site. In Admin > Settings > Basic Settings, the new field "Institution Office of Financial Aid" allows institutes to update the merge field

  • By default the field has a value "Office of Financial Aid". The following areas have the merge field displaying the value:
    • default task text
    • default upload help text
    • the welcome, all done, and congratulations messages
    • error codes (1010, 1011, 1005)
  • [SV-3584] - Ability to Bulk Request Additional Information for SAP Transactions
    • Institutes can now bulk request additional information for SAP transactions. When selecting Action Type = Request Information in the bulk request, the SAP transaction will now be available to select. Selecting SAP requires an award year, tracking group, reason, and selecting the document to request. Please note that this only works within the StudentForms site - a follow up release will contain the integration for CL Connect.
  • [SV-3894] - Greater Callout For Unexpected Changes in File Review
    • The unexpected changes message referenced in file review has been updated to stand out greater to catch users' attention. It now contains a warning icon and a bordered box. This message appears when a transaction is reopened from Verified status to Reviewing File status due to an unexpected change in at least one ISIR value.

  • [SV-3877] - Add Award Year Field to Appeal Review Page
    • All appeal type transactions now have the award year referenced under the tracking group for better indication when multiple appeals have been submitted for a student. 

  • [SV-3896] - Tax Task Hover Overs to Include Foreign Tax Returns
    • For tax return transcript and form 1040 uploads, the hover over information for each document type has been updated to inform foreign filers to upload their signed tax documentation in its place.
      • Tax return transcripts: "Please Note: Foreign tax filers may upload their signed tax documentation into the upload for Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript."
      • Tax for 1040: "Please Note: Foreign tax filers may upload their signed tax documentation into the upload for Signed Federal IRS Form 1040."
  • [SV-3794] - Transaction Reports to Filter Out Deactivated Students
    • The three insights on the Report page (Transaction Aging, Transaction Status Aging, and Transaction Activity) now automatically filter out any transaction tied to a student with a deactivate account.
    • EDIT 2/4/2021: Due to performance issues in production, this has been rolled back. To ensure deactivated students do not appear on the reports, please ensure that their transactions have been expired. Deactivation prevents students from logging into CampusLogic products and does not affect transaction statuses.
  • [SV-3878] - Additional Columns on the Appeal Workflow Grid
    • A few additional columns have been added to the Appeal Workflow grid to give additional information for users:
      • Status - displays the current transaction status
      • Last Saved On - date of last update to transaction (pending and completing)
      • Last Saved By - last user to update