Release Notes

This release contains more student accessibility features along with a caravan of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1418] - Additional Accessibility
    • Additional accessibility features have been added to make ScholarshipUniverse more convenient for student users:
      • screen readers can now skip remaining left navigation menu items and move onto the main content of a selected page, rather than forcing students to tab over the remaining menu items to get into the main content
      • keyboard tabbing highlights buttons in grids such as the Questions grid


  • [SU-1421] - Batch Application Output
    • Resolved an issue where columns may appear out of order when downloading the Batch Application data in a CSV format. The columns will appear in the order they appear to the student - section order and question order within each section. A Submission Date field has also been added to both the CSV and HTML formats to track each application submission date.
  • [SU-1337] - Blank Question Hover Over
    • Fixed an issue where a question hover overs appear blank for students. This was caused when a school user entered the Help Text field inside the Question Builder and saved while leaving it blank. Having no characters in the Help Text field for a question will correctly hide the hover over on the student side. Please note that if a blank hover over still appears, please edit the question's Help Text field and ensure that there are no spaces. Removing any spaces and saving should resolve the issue.
  • [SU-1419] - Remaining Budget Including Removed/Decline Amounts
    • Resolved an issue where declined/removed awards were still being counted as used funding as part of the Remaining Budget in the Award View page. Declined/removed awards are correctly updated to $0 and not being counted as used budget, freeing that Remaining Budget to be used to award other students.