Release Notes

The release contains the ability to bulk assign training records to oneself or other users and a couple fixes to the student side chat.


  • [SA-393] - Bulk Assign Training Records
    • Users can now bulk assign training records from the No Response Provided and Low Confidence Response tabs under the Training Workflow page. After selecting at least one record, the drop down includes an action to "Assign to Myself" which assigns all of the selected records to yourself. These can be found under the My Training tab. Users can also select "Assign to Others" to assign all of the selected records to another user where they will find the records under My Training. Please note that since No Response Provided records do not have an assigned category, any record can be assigned to a user with permissions to the page. But the Low Confidence Response records can only be assigned to a user that has category permission to all of the selected records. There is already a feature to update record categories to accommodate this, if needed.


  • [SA-414] - Student Chat Cleanup
    • Resolved a couple of issues found with the student side chat:
      • Fixed the issue where the VirtualAdvisor avatar image was displaying a broken image rather than the avatar's image
      • Fixed an issue where hitting the Enter key without typing a message was resending the last message given by the student; at least one character is needed to allow submitting response with Enter key