Release Notes

This release contains an import for StudentAdvisor content, a fix to unsubscription event notifications, and a fix to file imports.


  • [SA-425] - StudentAdvisor Content Import
    • A new StudentAdvisor Content import has been created to support onboarding new content into StudentAdvisor. An import including questions, responses, and categories will allow institutes to import an initial load of draft content into StudentAdvisor. From there institutes can add alternative phrasing, videos, check-back dates, and multi-turn prompts within the application as needed. Please note that this does not supporting bulk editing content - this is for onboarding new content.


  • [PM-440] - Communication Subscribe/Unsubscribe Not Triggering Correlating Events
    • Fixed an issue where users unsubscribing from a single email communication template (i.e. Thank You Letter Approved) or unsubscribing from all product emails trigger the correct event notifications that an institute has subscribed to. 
      • When unsubscribing from an individual email template (whether through the unsubscribe link in the email or through the user's profile), this can trigger event 219 - Email Unsubscribed
      • When unsubscribing from an entire product's suite of emails (done only though the user's profile), this triggers an Unsubscribe Confirmation email that is sent to the user and can trigger event 309 - Unsubscribe Confirmation
  • [PM-452] - Implement Data Import Series
    • Resolved an issue where concurrent files imported at the same time could cause conflicting issues and lead to errors processing the file. Files of the same type (i.e. School SIS Data, Scholarship Data, etc) will now be queued among their type, so that one file will process before the other begins (i.e. first School SIS Data file will process until completed, then start processing the second School SIS Data file). This does not queue against different file types - different file types can process concurrently.