Release Notes

This release contains updates to the upload document e-signature option and a fix for the new aid year reminder merge field.


  • [SV-3947] - E-Sign Upload Document Enhancement
    • Additional enhancements have been to the recently released feature to allow students to apply an e-signature to selected tax documents. The following changes have been made:
      • Federal IRS tax return transcripts have been removed from the list of tax documents to apply an e-signature to, as the signature is not required
      • New language is presented at the time of choosing to apply an e-signature: "This document requires a signature. For convenience you may electronically sign the document here or you may click Cancel to opt out of e-signature and return to confirm or re-upload the signature page of the document. If the uploaded document is already signed, click “Already Signed.""
      • Students may choose to not apply an e-signature by clicking the "Already Signed" button


  • [SV-3936] - New Award Year Reminder Merge Field
    • Fixed an issue where the {{ Award Year }} merge field was not correctly replacing with the "20xx-20xx" award year information in the email or SMS body. Instead it was displaying the merge field name "{{ Award Year }}". The merge field is now correctly populating the associated award year.