VirtualAdvisor uses AI to provide responses to students frequently asked questions but in some situations the best advising is still a human advisor. Two-way conversations with your staff can be initiated by the who monitor conversations with the AI or the student can ask to talk to a live person.

Scenario 1: Joining Live Conversations with the VirtualAdvisor

Staff can monitor live conversations occurring with the VirtualAdvisor bot and choose to join the conversation. 

Scenario 2: Supporting Student Escalations from the VirtualAdvisor

Students while interacting with the VirtualAdvisor can ask to speak to a human advisor. If an advisor is available, the student is placed in a queue and staff can connect to waiting students and support them. 

Setting Advisor Availability and Managing the Awaiting Advisor Queue

My Conversations

Scenario 3: Managing Sensitive Data in Conversations

Sensitive Data Management and Message Redaction

Scenario 4: Reviewing Past Conversation Transcripts

Viewing Conversations