This guide will give you an overview of setting up SIS data file to import student data into ScholarshipUniverse and StudentAdvisor. This data may be used to assist VirtualAdvisor in answering questions and allow school users to target specific populations of students to send Outreach notifications to. In ScholarshipUniverse, it may be used as part of the review process, awarding, and auto-answering matching questions for students.

Institution SIS data will be passed to PlatformManagement for processing, whether through CL Connect or manually uploaded into PlatformManagement, and the data is translated to Display Names managed as part of the Data Fields mapping.

File Layout

Institution SIS data can be transmitted to ScholarshipUniverse and/or StudentAdvisor in a CSV format within a text file. The data types supported in this process are strings, numbers, objects, dates and booleans.

  • Navigate to the PlatformManagement > Integration > File Imports page to import the School SIS Data file

The file and format is very flexible, as it only requires the following fields:

  • awardyear
    • for award year 2021-2022, the following formats can apply: 2021-2022, 2021/2022, 2022, 22, 2
  • studentid
    • this is a string value to handle any ID format you use
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email
  • dob (date of birth)
  • mobilephone
  • Everything else added can be used as long as it has been mapped in the Data Fields page in Platform Management. Anything not mapped will be ignored and will not create an error when uploaded.

* the following fields are always required: awardyear, studentid, firstname, lastname

* at least one of the following fields is required to generate a verified student record: dob and/or email

  • each record must have either the DateOfBirth or EmailAddress; if the EmailAddress cannot be provided for the import file, DateOfBirth is required for every record
  • students may override their email address through their profile after creating an account

* mobilephone is optional - this adds a valid phone number to be able to send messages to students via the Outreach Programs functionality in StudentAdvisor

  • students may override their mobile phone number through their profile after creating an account