This StudentAdvisor import allows institutions to bulk assign students to Admin and Advisors. Advisor assignments help categorize which students are assigned to advisors and the association (i.e. financial aid advisor, academic advisor, etc). While institutions can manually add/edit advisor assignments in StudentAdvisor > Settings > Advisor Assignments, this process allows users to manage the assignment in bulk. Admin and Advisor users can access this page in Integration > File Imports.

File Import Specifications

Advisor Assignment can be imported in a CSV format file.

  • Navigate to the PlatformManagement > Integration > File Imports page to import the Advisor Assignment file.

The file requires the following fields:

  • Action
    • "Add" value will assign student to advisor with the advisor type
    • "Remove" value will remove assigned student from advisor
  • Username: username of school user
  • Type: advisor type association
    • Note: the Advisor Types must be defined in StudentAdvisor beforehand
  • StudentID