VirtualAdvisor can be embedded on your school's website in order to help students from outside of the platform. We've provided a code snippet to use as a starting point.

Where to Find VirtualAdvisor Code Snippet

You can find the VirtualAdvisor Code Snippet on the Settings > Basic Settings page. In the VirtualAdvisor section, you'll see the embed code next to VirtualAdvisor Embed Code. Click on the copy button to the right of the embed code to copy the full code to your clipboard.

How to Use Code Snippet

Step 1: Whitelist Your Website

On the Settings > Basic Settings page, navigate down to the VirtualAdvisor Whitelist Domains field, enter your domain and click the Add button to add it to the whitelist.

Step 2: Place Embed Code on Your Website

Place the VirtualAdvisor Code Snippet within the <body> tag in the HTML code on your website. 


Can I Customize the Badge for VirtualAdvisor?

Yes, in fact, that is why we have opened up a lot of the embed code so that you have the ability to change just about everything surrounding VirtualAdvisor's badge. By default, VirtualAdvisor's badge looks like this (background color may differ): 

However, if you want to change anything about the badge (such as color, size, location, image, etc.), your webmaster should be able to assist you in updating it to a different design.

Why Does Nothing Happen When I Click on the Badge?

In rare cases, VirtualAdvisor's embed code can conflict with other code on your website. If this happens, please reach out to your school's webmaster for assistance. Most of the time, it's due to other code on the page using the same naming convention.