Release Notes

This release introduces the sensitivity tier for data fields.


  • [PM-457] - Data Field Sensitivity Tier
    • Data fields in PlatformManagement were previously using a flag called IsSensitive to indicate whether or not the field's values should be viewed by any user or be restricted to users who also have the supporting sensitive data role. The Sensitivity Tier is being introduced to allow institutions to manage a field being High, Medium, or Low sensitivity, rather than forcing it to either be "high" or "low" as the flag did. An upcoming release of ScholarshipUniverse and StudentAdvisor will introduce the sensitivity tier of data so that schools can determine which fields can be viewed by all users (Low), which fields can be viewed by some but not all users (Medium), and which very sensitive fields can only be viewed by some (High).
      • Please note that all field previously marked as IsSensitive will automatically be updated to a High sensitivity level.
      • For StudentAdvisor users, any field flagged as High or Medium will redacted sensitive data in conversations until a later update.