Release Notes

This release includes updates to the My Inbox page, a new Advisor Manager role, and a new inbox dashboard tile.


  • [SA-420] - My Inbox Filter and Dashboard Tile
  • [SA-497] - My Inbox Cleanup
    • Several updates have gone into the My Inbox page as part of the recent release of Outreach Programs.
      • A new role called Advisor Manager has been introduced. Along with the normal Advisor role permissions, this role also allows users to monitor other users' inboxes. By selecting another user in the My Inbox page, this allows a user to view another user's inbox and conversations, but this role does not support interacting in conversations or making any updates on behalf of the other user.
      • A new tile called My Inbox has appeared on the dashboard for Admin, Advisor Manager, and Advisor users and displays a count of unread conversations in that user's inbox.
      • A new filter has been added to the My Inbox page to allow users to filter their conversations by a variety of different methods.
      • When opening My Inbox, the last viewed conversation will persist throughout the user session and load by default. If opening My Inbox for the first time in a session, it will default to latest message.