Release Notes

This release contains an update to generate category specific web chat embed codes, new institutional data fields, and updates to using institution data field merge fields.


  • [SA-503] - Embed Code Category Filters
    • The Basic Settings page now supports an additional embed code feature to allow VirtualAdvisor to reply to specific categories. For instances where an institution may want to have VirtualAdvisor filter out responses to specific category responses (i.e. only want Admission category type responses given on an admissions page), the embed code can be altered to only allow certain categories to be answered. This is not recommended as a site wide solution - an institution can implement the general embed code across their site and generate an additional category filtered embed code for the specific pages as needed. It is also recommended that some general categories such as Chit Chat and Campus Information are also included to allow VirtualAdvisor to respond to less focused questions such as asking for general contact information.
  • [SA-241] - New Institutional Data Fields: Operator Contact
    • New Institution Data Fields have been added to dynamically populate a school operator name and operator phone number for contact. Please make sure to add a value to these fields for future use of global and custom content.
  • [SA-495] - Dynamic Field Modal Update