CL Connect provides the ability to configure automatic data file uploads to any CampusLogic product. This article will outline the configuration process for this in relation to VirtualAdvisor (VA).

This process works off of sub-folders which have names that match the corresponding import process you're wanting to upload files for. The name of the parent folder is irrelevant but the sub-folder names must match the following (including letter case):

Import Process NameSub-folder Name
School SIS Datasis
Verified Students Dataverified students

To learn more about the various Import Processes above, please review the following articles:

Note: You do not need to setup all sub-folders for this process to work. Only setup the folders related to the data you want automated. 

Note: The "School SIS Data" and the "Verified Students Data" processes are the exact same processes and mechanism that ScholarshipUniverse (SU) uses for these. If you already set this up for one product (either VA or SU) you do not need to setup a separate process for the other product. CL Connect will use the same folder and process.

Example file structure - "DataFile_Upload" being the parent:

CL Connect:


1. Navigate to the CL Connect landing page and click on the Clicking Here... link for Setup CL Connect.



Initial Setup:

2. Select the checkbox for DataFile Uploads.


3. Click on the DataFile Uploads link on the left menu.



DataFile Upload:


4. The DataFile Upload configuration in CL Connect will require the following information:


Upload Frequency: The frequency at which the files should be processed. Default value is "Daily".

  • Weekly: Once a week at 12AM UTC time on Monday
  • Daily: once a day at 12AM UTC time
  • Hourly: every hour at the top of the hour
  • Minutely: every minute


INFO: We use the following site to help convert to UTC time based on the timezone:


Days To Run: Indicates the days of the week that the upload process will run. At least one day must be selected.


Upload Path: The file path of the parent folder where the system sub-folders are located. Clicking “Select Folder” will allow you navigate through your C:\ drive to select a folder, but you can also manually enter the path to the specified folder in the given textbox. You must allow permissions on the specified folder in order for the process to work. Clicking the “test” button will allow you to ensure that CL Connect has the appropriate read/write permissions on the path provided.


Archive Path: Similar to the Upload Path, the Archive Path will allow you to specify the folder where you would like the files to be placed after processing. Only one folder for this process needs to be created. CL Connect will automatically create sub-folders. Permissions must also be granted to this folder. 


5. After all fields are completed, click on Save Configurations on the left menu.



Save Configurations:


6. Click on the Save button.



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