The SMS Outreach Usage report is used to track the number of scheduled and delivered initial SMS notifications sent out from Outreach Programs. This allows institutions to view the volume of SMS notifications sent on a per user basis within the given time frame. SMS Outreach Usage can be access within the Reports page by Admin Users.

Please note that this report only determines the count of initial SMS notifications sent from Outreaches - this does not include a count of any additional SMS messages communicated between the student and VirtualAdvisor or between the student and advisor.

SMS Outreach Usage

Admin users can request a report with a count of messages sent from an Outreach in a given time frame. This report will be processed and send a link to the user's email to download a CSV formatted file.

  • Click on the SMS Outreach Usage tile from the Reports page
  • Select a date rangeto pull the count of messages from
    • Please note that this is for any Outreach completed in the selected time frame; this does not include draft or scheduled Outreaches as the number of SMS messages delivered cannot be determined
  • Click Submit to request the report for the selected time range

The SMS Outreach Usage report contains the count of scheduled and delivered SMS notifications sent for any Outreach Program completed in the selected date range. The sent count indicates how many students a user planned on sending SMS notifications to, while the delivered count how many were actually delivered and count towards SMS usage.

The file includes the following fields:

  • User (first and last name)
  • SMS Messages Sent¬†(scheduled and sent)
  • SMS Messages Delivered (delivered and count towards SMS usage)