Release Notes

This release contains a SMS Outreach Usage report to track volume of initial SMS messages sent from outreach programs, an update to handle the PlatformManagement sensitivity tier, and a handful of enhancements to brighten your day.


  • [SA-442] - SMS Outreach Usage
    • The SMS Outreach Usage report is used to track the number of scheduled and delivered initial SMS notifications sent out from Outreach Programs. This allows institutions to view the volume of SMS notifications sent on a per user basis within the given time frame. SMS Outreach Usage can be access within the¬†Reports page¬†by Admin Users.
      • Please note that this report only determines the count of initial SMS notifications sent from Outreaches - this does not include a count of any additional SMS messages communicated between the student and VirtualAdvisor or between the student and advisor.

  • [SA-473] - Enforce SIS Data Sensitivity Tier
  • [SA-488] - Outreach Enhancements
    • A number of minor updates were added to enhance the Outreach Program experience, including:
      • ability to cancel as scheduled Outreach Program
      • better default sort by tab (latest update for draft, next to process for scheduled and in progress, and latest completed for completed)
      • allow "Is Blank" option for SIS/ISIR field values to search specifically for students with a blank value
      • remove the specific number of characters required for the email subject line, email body, and SMS message body
  • [SA-475] - Advisor Assignment Enhancements
    • When viewing advisor assignments by student, a new option is available to filter by students that are assigned to at least one advisor and filter by students who are currently unassigned. Unassigned students can be any verified student account provided from the SIS Data Import or the Verified Student Data Import along with students who have created an account in any CampusLogic product.
    • Users can now export the list of students found when viewing by student, which includes every advisor currently assigned to them. The CSV formatted file from the export matches the import requirements for the Advisor Assignment Import. This allows users to easily make bulk adjustments to assigned students, as well as exporting a list of unassigned verified students.