Release Notes

This release contains two new support roles for new and upcoming security features along with updates to the Batch Application report, Manage Awards screen, and a SmartRank fix.


This release contains two new user support roles called High Sensitive Data Manager and Medium Sensitive Data Manager. As part of an update to PlatformManagement the Data Fields management includes a Sensitivity Tier setting to indicate which fields are high, medium, and low sensitivity.

The next scheduled release of ScholarshipUniverse will contain the rules to enforce which SIS data values and answer values tied to mapped questions can be viewed by users based on their roles. Today's release enforces the rules on the Batch Application report (please see notes below). 

  • [SU-1506] - Batch Application Report Updates
    • The Batch Application report has been updated to now require a selected application and either an organization or at least one scholarship to run the report. Previously at least one scholarship was required to run the report but now if a user selects an organization they can pull all scholarships under the organization and not have to select specific scholarships.
    • Both the HTML and CSV versions of the application report now enforce viewability of sensitive data fields and question answers based on the user's current roles. Any SIS fields or answers to questions mapped to SIS fields indicated as High sensitivity can only be viewed by the new High Sensitive Data Manager support role. Anyone who does not have the role and pulls the report will see three asterisks *** in its place. Same rules apply to Medium sensitive data fields and the new Medium Sensitive Data Manager role. By default, all users have viewability to any data field indicated as Low sensitivity.
  • [SU-1457] Fund Code Filter Added to Manage Awards
    • A Fund Code filter has been added to both the Approve and Notify Awards tabs under the Manage Awards page. This allows users to filter awards by scholarships associated to a specific fund code allowing easier tracking of which scholarships they wish to review and take action on.
  • [SU-1227] - Indicate Scholarships That Are Already Renewed or Nominated For
    • The student side has been updated to indicate if the student is already being renewed for a scholarship or if the student has already been nominated for a scholarship. This prevents the student from applying to a scholarship they are already designated to receive an award for. This also resolves an issue of confusion where students may show up more than once in the scholarship Candidates tab as two different candidate types - one being a renewal/nominee and the other being an applicant.


  • [SU-1516] - SmartRank With Only Review Score Not Populating Correctly
    • Fixed an issue in the scholarship Candidates and Awards tabs where using a SmartRank with Review Scores as the only criteria was not populating the SmartRank rank and scores correctly.