Build yearlong campaigns within RaiseMe to find and engage specific students using 50+ unique attributes that align with enrollment goals 

How to Build Campaigns 

1. Log in, and de-select current students

2. Select filters  

3. See the potential followers and click “Create Campaign”

4. Name the Campaign, then click “Launch & Save” 

5. Select “View” under the Saved groups filter to see and manage all saved campaigns  

Campaign Recommendation Example

Best Practices 

  • Given the seasonality of site activity, we recommend running yearlong campaigns in line with strategic enrollment goals
  • Include at least 2 attributes in your campaigns, for example: 
    • …low-income students in NHS 
    • …females interested in STEM 
    • …underclassmen active in their communities 
  • Note that test scores as an attribute will limit campaigns, especially with younger audiences


Is there a limit on the number of campaigns my team can build? 

Yes, schools can build up to 5 campaigns.

Will only students who are eligible to earn micro-scholarships be able to see my campaigns? 

Yes, potential followers will only see your campaign if they meet your program eligibility.

Who can create campaigns? 

The main point of contact will have the ability to build campaigns. Please submit a Freshdesk ticket to request access for other users.


If a new student joins RaiseMe, will they see my campaign? 

Yes, as students join RaiseMe and meet your criteria, they are added to your campaign and eligible to see your campaign.


How do I engage with my campaign followers? 

Campaign followers will appear with all your followers so you can engage them through your current workflow. To engage more personally with campaign followers, we recommend utilizing in-product messaging.