Release Notes

2021-2022 Verification Changes

A Dear Colleague Letter was provided on July 13th, 2021 indicating that financial verification was no longer required for institutions to complete for the 2021-2022 aid year. Since the announcement, CampusLogic has been working with institutions to determine how they would like to proceed, be it continuing the financial verification process or stopping it altogether.

Today's deployment includes a global update to ensure that the Independent and Dependent Verification Web Form tasks will no longer be triggered for creation going forward. All institutions that have requested to continue processing financial verification have a custom trigger that will keep generating these web forms under normal circumstances, while institutions wanting to stop will no longer see the web forms generate when new transactions are created.

Tasks generated by comment code 400/401 (issues with tax data reported on the FAFSA), the student and/or parent having a IRS request flag of 06 (student/parent imported tax data through the DRT, but was subsequently changed), and student and/or parent having a IRS request flag of 07 (amended taxes reported) will continue to be generated.

Selective Service

A new global Selective Service task was added to both the Verification and the Other Documents transaction types. This allows a school that may need confirmation of Selective Service to request manually from the student.  It was added to Other Documents to allow a school to request without delaying other c code or verification resolution.