The following articles describe the data imports used for VirtualAdvisor.

School SIS Data Import:

This guide will give you an overview of setting up an SIS data file to import student data into ScholarshipUniverse and StudentAdvisor. This data may be used to assist VirtualAdvisor in answering questions and allow school users to target specific populations of students to send Outreach notifications to. 

Institution SIS data will be passed to PlatformManagement for processing, whether through CL Connect or manually uploaded into PlatformManagement, and the data is translated to Display Names managed as part of the Data Fields mapping.

Data Fields:

Data Fields allows institutions to map imported SIS information that can be shared and used with CampusLogic products. For StudentAdvisor, this can be used to provide specific information in responses when students ask VirtualAdvisor questions. Admin users can setup the Data Fields in PlatformManagement > Integration > Data Fields. This is the only place to manage Data Fields and is shared across each product.

File Imports:

The File Imports page is a centralized hub for import files pertaining to CampusLogic products. Admin users of any CampusLogic product and StudentAdvisor Advisors can access this page from Integration > File Imports.