Release Notes

This release includes fixes to the question edit, scholarships stuck in pending auto-match status, and additional import failure detections.


  • [SU-1564] - Text Question Max Text Length Not Updating
    • Fixed an issue where the Max Text Length value was not correctly updating upon edit in the Question Builder. Updating the field value will now properly save and be enforced on the student side.
  • [SU-1532] - Additional Detection of Award Import Failures
    • Added some additional validation into the Scholarship Awards import to receive additional failure detection post import. This runs an additional check to ensure if expected changes (new/updated award amounts) are present and flag any record that does not meet the changes.
  • [SU-1563] - Scholarships Stuck In Pending Auto-Match
    • Resolved an issue where some non-direct award scholarships were accidentally being pushed into Pending Auto-Match status when published or hitting the start of the associated cycle. Because these scholarships were not meant to be processed against the auto-match functionality, they were stuck in place. Additional validation has been added to ensure non-direct award scholarships are excluded from the auto-match process.