The Thank You page allows donor users to view and save thank you letters submitted by award applicants.

Viewing Thank You Letters

Similar to an inbox, submitted thank you letters are queued and ready to view by donor users. The page is broken up by two tabs: Unread and All. This inbox is specific for a user and whether or not they have viewed a thank you letter - for Donor groups that have multiple donor users, viewing letters does not affect the count for other viewers. 

The inbox contains the name of the student, scholarship, and date of thank you letter submission. Open envelope icons indicate that a thank you has been read and typically only found under the "All" tab. Closed envelope icons indicate unread thank you letters and can be found on both tabs.

  • Click on a thank you card to view the letter

As soon as a letter is opened by a user, the letter will appear in the view box and render. It will immediately be counted as read and only appear under the All tab if a user leaves and returns to this page. Thank you letters may vary in look and content, based on the template selected at the time of scholarship setup.

Donor users can also filter thank you letters by scholarship and the submission date range.

  • Click the Filter button on the top right to open the Filter Thank You Letters modal
  • Enter any criteria to search upon
  • Click Apply to view the results
  • Click the Clear Filters link within the Filter Thank You Letters modal and click Apply to remove filters

Donor users can also save an individual thank you letter currently rendered in the view box by printing into a pdf copy. This is used by the browser's default print to pdf conversion.

  • Click the Print button to open the browser print to pdf conversion tool
  • Click the Print button within the print modal to convert and save into a pdf

Switching Donor Groups

Some donors users may be associated to different Donors associated to the institution. If a donor user is found to be an active user to more than one Donor group, they have the ability to switch between the different Donor groups, essentially updating all of the information they are viewing on the page as well. Donor users can only view data from one Donor group at a time.

  • A donor user may select to view a different Donor group's data by selecting a Donor group from the top banner near their profile name

Note: If a donor user is only associated to one Donor group, they will not see this drop down available.