The Contact Us page allows an institution to indicate a specific point of contact if any questions or concerns arise.

Primary Contact

The page includes the name and email of the Primary institutional user that a donor user can contact if needed. If that institutional user has provided a profile image via their profile within PlatformManagement, it will display as well.

Only one primary contact can be assigned to a donor group. All donor users for that donor group will see the same user, but if a donor user is assigned to multiple donor groups they may see a different contact for each donor group.

Institutional users assigned to donor groups are managed in the Donors page, under the Institutional Users tab. The user indicated as the Primary contact will be the one to have their information found on this page.

Switching Donor Groups

Some donors users may be associated to different Donors associated to the institution. If a donor user is found to be an active user to more than one Donor group, they have the ability to switch between the different Donor groups, essentially updating all of the information they are viewing on the page as well. Donor users can only view data from one Donor group at a time.

  • A donor user may select to view a different Donor group's data by selecting a Donor group from the top banner near their profile name

Note: If a donor user is only associated to one Donor group, they will not see this drop down available.