A verified student record acts as a proxy for students who have not yet created an account - institutions can load these students and take certain actions for them before they create an account, such as awarding them through ScholarshipUniverse. Once a student has created an account, the existing verified student record will be merged into the account.

Verified student records serve many purposes:

  • Verified student records manage which non-ISIR students can create/register an account in StudentForms (for both Direct Sign-On (DSO) and Single Sign-On (SSO) institutions
  • Verified student records manage who is allowed to create an account through the DSO process
  • Verified student records work as a stand-in for students who have yet to create an account.
  • Verified student records can manage which students (with or without an account) are allowed to participate in certain features; this includes:
    • allowed to be included in any auto-match results for direct award scholarships in ScholarshipUniverse
    • allowed to be awarded scholarship funding in ScholarshipUniverse
    • allowed to be included in any outreach notifications in StudentAdvisor
    • NOTE: allowing the management of these records gives institutions the control to disassociate students who may have previously created an account and are no longer attending the institution

A verified student record can be generated one of two ways:

  • imported via the Verified Students Data import
  • imported via the School SIS Data import
    • the advantage of using the School SIS Data import is that if an institution is utilizing SIS data for ScholarshipUniverse and/or StudentAdvisor there isn't a need to run both imports
    • please note that for StudentForms the verified students records must be ran through the Verified Students Data Import, as it has additional encryption processes for the student's social security number. For the purpose of access to StudentForms, verified students cannot be created through the School SIS Data import.

Institutions can manage the verified student record and prevent the student from being included in features such as the direct award auto-match functionality or as part of a listing for outreach notifications. If a verified student record is deactivated, it does not prevent the student from logging into a CampusLogic product, but it can prevent them from creating an account. Institutions can manage verified student records one of two ways:

  • manually deactivating/re-activating in the Verified Students page in PlatformManagement (see below)
  • importing the Verified Students import with the deletion flag
    • including a value of "Y" will deactivate a record. Including a value of "N" will reactivate it
  • importing the Archive Student Answers import
    • this import is used to remove student answers so that they are no longer processed in the ScholarshipUniverse auto-match functionality; therefore it is assumed that the verified student record should be deactivate as well if the institution is not planning on considering the student's answers

Verified Students Management

The Verified Students page allows Admin users to search and manage verified student records. The institution may edit the key identifiers of a verified student record if a student has not yet created an account. Once a student has created an account, the User Profile icon will appear and the institution must make edits from the user profile page.

The page requires a user to input any of the search fields except the Student Active filter to begin a search. The Student Active field is an indicator of whether the verified student record is currently active or not - please remember this is not the same as the account status.

  • enter a search parameter and click Search

  • click the edit (pencil) icon to open the Edit Verified Student modal.
  • click the user profile (person) icon to navigate to the student's user profile

The Edit Verified Student modal allows an Admin to make updates to the verified student record. This may be needed for one-off situations where a student's data was loaded with some incorrect/outdates information, such as Email or Phone. Once a student account has been created, edits to these fields can only be done in the user profile page. Regardless of having an account or not, users can always deactivate/re-active the verified student record.

Verified student record without an account Vs record with an existing student account

Verified student status and account status are mutually exclusive. Where the student account level manages a student's access to CampusLogic products, verified student record manages certain functions that a student may be a part of (with or without an account).