StudentForms supports different student types enrolled in an institution. Since the beginning, StudentForms allowed students with federal ISIRs loaded into the system to have access, later expanding that access to students with California DREAM Application ISIRs, and eventually expanding to allow verified, non-ISIR students to have access, as well.

Types of Students

There are two general terms for students who have access to StudentForms. There are ISIR students, who have either had a federal ISIR or a California DREAM Application ISIR loaded into the system, and there are verified, non-ISIR students. ISIR students have always had access to the system due to having an ISIR application to support authorizing them using their credentials. Non-ISIR students have access to the system using an institution's verified student import to provide records to authorize students' entry into StudentForms.

Students become eligible to create an account in StudentForms and access the system under three scenarios:

  • the student has a Social Security Administration matched federal ISIR imported into the system, which includes their first name, last name, date of birth, and social security number (SSN) 
  • the student has a California DREAM Application ISIR imported into the system, which includes their first name, last name, date of birth, and state ID (in place of an SSN)
  • the student has a verified student record imported into PlatformManagement by the school, which includes their first name, last name, date of birth, social security number (SSN), and student ID
    • The Verified Students Data import is generally generated by an institution's student information system (SIS)
    • Please note that this process must be done through the Verified Students Data import, as it has additional encryption processes for the student's social security number. For the purpose of access to StudentForms, verified students cannot be created through the School SIS Data importAny student with an existing verified student record will need to have their record imported through the Verified Students Data import to correctly sync the data with StudentForms. 
    • Please note it can take up to 15 minutes to process the verified student record

A student may start off as a non-ISIR student with limited access and eventually convert into an ISIR student when a matching ISIR is imported to the system. If an ISIR matches a verified student, it will attach itself to the student (similar to how subsequent ISIRs know which students to attach themselves to). Otherwise, if a verified student is not found it will create it's own record ready to be attached to a student during the account creation/registration process. 

Likewise, when a verified student record is imported it will first see if there are any ISIRs to match to. If a matching ISIR is found it will attach to it (with the benefit of adding the student ID to the ISIR student), or if it doesn't find a matching ISIR it will create it's own record ready to attach to a student during account creation/registration process.

Account Creation and Registration

Institutions are responsible to direct new, incoming students to StudentForms. Regardless of the institution's setup, students will follow the same basic steps to link to their data and have access granted.

For Direct Sign-On (DSO) institutions, students are directed to a login page where they must first create their account in the Account Creation Page. For Single-Sign On (SSO) institutions, students are directed to the Registration page before they can continue on to StudentForms. In either case, students must provide four key identifiers (first name, last name, date of birth, and social security number/state ID); this information is used to find a matching federal ISIR, California DREAM ISIR, or a verified student record.

If none of these are found, then the student is either providing incorrect credentials or does not have an ISIR/verified student record in the system. Institutions can run a quick search in StudentForms to see if the student is found. If not found in StudentForms, institutions should also check the Verified Students page in PlatformManagement - it is possible that the student has a record but does not have all of the necessary data to create/register their account. Admin users can edit the verified student record as needed.

  • Please note that an update may take up to 15 minutes to take into effect

Student and School Actions 

For the most part, all students have the same options and actions that can be taken on them. The key difference is that any action in regards to ISIRs is limited to only the ISIR students who have one attached to their record.

The Verification, PJ Dependency Override, and PJ EFC transactions all require an ISIR to take action on. Any non-ISIR student without one can't have any of those transactions opened. Likewise, without an ISIR there is no option to view ISIR or run an ISIR comparison. Any custom trigger with ISIR conditions (i.e. Student's Adjusted Gross Income > 100,000) will be ignored for non-ISIR students.

Federal ISIR Students
California DREAM Students
Verified, Non-ISIR Students
Open a Verification transaction
Open a PJ Dependency Override transaction
Open a PJ EFC transaction
Open a SAP Appeal transaction
Open a Cost of Attendance Appeal transaction
Open an Emergency Fund Application Appeal transaction
Open an Other Documents transaction
Open an institutional custom transaction
View student ISIR
View ISIR comparison
Apply custom triggers that don't include ISIR conditions
Apply custom triggers that include ISIR conditions
Sign Verification documents (for verification and/or PJ transactions)
Sign non-Verification documents (for non-verification or non-PJ transactions)
Included in bulk actions
Included in expire transactions
Included in reporting