Release Notes

With this release, we have upgraded the RaiseMe onboarding and welcome series of communications to students. These enhancements nudge students to stay engaged, follow schools, and start earning towards a college experience.


Onboarding Series:

Our new onboarding series guides students throughout the onboarding process. These communications identify the step where a student has "dropped off" in the onboarding process and provide a nudge with resources on how to move forward should they stall. 

If a student does not complete onboarding 3 days after receiving one of these communications, they are moved through the flow again and sent the appropriate email if they are still stuck on the same step or if they're now stuck on another identified step. If another 7 days pass and the student has not completed onboarding, they are given one final email nudge.

Welcome Series

Our new welcome series educates students on how to utilize some of the amazing features within the platform, addresses commonly asked questions, and provides recommendations on how to maximize their earning opportunities on RaiseMe. 

In our new Welcome Series, students will receive 4 communications to acquaint them with RaiseMe, critical terminology and deadlines, Frequently Asked Questions, how to utilize the platform to maximize their earnings, and how to grow their network through inviting students and parents.

Our goal is to ensure that students have important information early in their RaiseMe journey to encourage sustained engagement in the platform, support a seamless navigation, and understand how micro-scholarships work.

  1. Welcome Email #1: is split between seniors and juniors-freshman. The primary distinction is that for seniors there's more urgency and direction on updating the portfolio to meet upcoming earning deadlines.
  2. Welcome Email #2: Defines what a micro-scholarship is and includes a cool block graphic with frequently asked questions that takes students to support articles to address areas they may need more information
  3. Welcome Email #3: Direction on how to maximize earnings by completing the various sections of the portfolio. Notes that students can also discover micro-scholarships in the "scholarships" tab. Encourages engagement with the university through their College Events and Readiness activities
  4. Welcome Email #4: Encourages students to invite friends and connect with parents to grow their community and earn micro-scholarships for each friend that joins