The Student Requests page allows an institution to manage appeal types and custom forms that students can initiate themselves through self-service without an administrator adding the transaction or task to their record. For Student Requests, the student is only able to request once per AY, if multiple are needed, the school user will need to request additional transactions. 

Users with the Admin role can manage appeal transactions under Settings > Student Requests.

Student Requests

Student Requests are initially disabled to ensure students cannot self-request anything that the institution does not to allow or is not yet prepared for. Once enabled, an institution must individually select which appeal transactions and/or custom forms that students will be allowed to request.

Once the Student Requests master switch is enabled and at least one appeal transaction or custom form is also enabled, saving the settings will immediately display the Request button and modal on the student side. If all transactions/form are disabled, or the master switch is disabled, the saved settings will immediately hide the Request button the student side.

  • turn on the Student Requests master switch to enable student self-request

Student requests options are broken up into two categories: Appeals and Custom Forms. Any Appeal allowed to be requested by the student will open the transaction just as it does when a school user manually requests it. If any custom triggers are currently applied to the transaction, those will carry over as well. For custom forms, these are web forms tied to the Other Documents transaction.

Within the Appeals section, the transactions listed will be separated by all global out-of-the-box transactions offered by StudentForms that are currently enabled, along with any custom appeal transaction currently enabled.

  • turn on an appeal transaction switch to allow it to be self-requested by students
  • click the Save button to commit the change

If an institution has implemented custom forms found in the Other Documents, the Custom Forms section will appear with a list of the documents that can be enabled for student request.

  • turn on a custom form switch to allow it to be self-requested by students
  • click the Save button to commit the change

Institutions can also provide custom instructions that will display to the student at the time of requesting an appeal transaction or custom form. Consider providing definitions, steps in the process, evaluation criteria etc to help students understand what they are selecting and the process for the appeal or custom form they are requesting.  

  • click the Edit button next to any enabled appeal transaction or custom form
  • edit the display text of instructions that students will receive when requesting the transaction/form
  • click the Save & Close button
  • click the Save button on the main Student Requests page to commit the change