The search box in the upper right of the screen searches for students within StudentForms that either have an ISIR (both Federal and Cal Dream) imported successfully or have been imported as a verified student in PlatformManagement. The search includes both students who have accounts created and students without accounts created.  If a student is not appearing in the search results you may try using different search criteria or using the advanced search. 

If the search results still come back as No records available, this indicates that either an ISIR or verified student record has not been imported into StudentForms for the student or the student has a social security mismatch and did not receive a successful SSN match of 4 on their ISIR. 

Please Note: Student ISIRs that appear in the "Invalid ISIR" column of the ISIR imports page will not appear in either search.  If a student does not appear in either search you may want to check if the student has an invalid ISIR.