If the ISIR fields do not appear in SMART file review with a correction required, the school user must correct the applicable ISIR fields through the full file review.


The school user selects Full File Review from the dropdown on the student's transaction page.

The school user selects either the Student & Spouse Tax Info or Parent Info as applicable.

Once in the correct FAFSA section, the school user may update any of the fields by clicking the Edit button. 

  • Fields that have predefined values from the EDE Technical Reference have a dropdown to select the value i.e. yes/no etc.
  • Fields that are alphanumeric have a text box to enter the correct value
  • The Confirmed checkbox is used to confirm the existing value on the ISIR
  • The Blank checkbox is used to change the value to blank (this is not the same as entering a value of 0)

 After editing the ISIR field, click the Checkmark button to save the changes. The Cancel button does not save the change and closes editing. 

Corrections made in Full File review are included in the correction file once the file review has been completed. Any corrections made through Full File review that are also part of Smart File review are indicated by Original Documents in the Document Type column, Correction Required in the status column without an option to change the status and a Blue F in the Smart File review grid.