Documents submitted through StudentForms can also be brought into an institution's imaging system. In order to allow schools to sync submitted documents to the imaging system naming conventions, StudentForms offers institutions the ability to create custom document names and be able to map them to the global and custom documents found in the application 

Users with the Admin role can manage custom document names under Settings > Documents > Document Naming.

Users with the Admin role can map custom document names under Settings > Documents > Document Mapping.

Document Naming

The Document Naming page allows an institution to define naming conventions for imaging system integration. The institution defines document names/titles used by the imaging system for indexing of documents provided by StudentForms. Institutions not using an imaging system do not need to complete this mapping.

  • click the "Add" button to enter a new document name

  • Enter a name to match the name of a document in the imaging system 
  • click Save

If needed, the document name can be updated.

  • click the Edit (pencil) icon to open the Edit Document Name modal
  • update the name as needed
  • click Save

If a document is no longer user, it can be deactivated. This does not delete it - it only prevents it from being mapped to documents

  • click the Deactivate (trash can) icon to deactivate a document name

If a deactivate document name needs to be brought back for further use, institutions can reactivate the document name.

  • click the Inactive tab to view all inactive document names
  • click the Reactivate (recycle) icon to reactive a document name

Document Mapping

The Document Mapping page allows institutions to map the custom document names generated on the Document Naming page to any global or custom document/web form found in StudentForms. When documents are exported out of StudentForms to go into the institutional imaging system, they will be indexed by the mapped name of the document, or if no mapping is found it will be listed as the default name given in StudentForms.

The grid is defaulted by a filter of "General Documents" (non-award year specific documents) and a filter by each award year (documents that appear specifically for the award year chosen).

  • click the Edit (pencil) icon to add/edit a mapping

  • select a custom document name to be mapped to the selected document
  • click Save

If needed, the document mapping can be updated to a different custom document name.

  • click the Edit (pencil) icon to open the Map Document modal
  • update the name selection as needed
  • click Save

If a document mapping is no longer user, it can be removed. 

  • click the Unmap (trash can) icon to remove a document name mapping

Document Types

Attached below is the most recent list of document types available in StudentForms that may be mapped to your naming convention for document imaging.  Documents that are year specific may only be available for specific award years. 

Due to the change to using two-year prior tax documents, tax documents may be in multiple award years. When mapping tax documents that appear in multiple award years, updating in one year updates it for all award years.