QR Code Post Cards

Drive students to your join page with post cards that feature a QR code. There are tons of QR code generators out there – feel free to take your pick! We know Canva makes it easy to resize the QR code to scale. You simply need to have your join page URL and the site will convert to a QR code you can save and add into the box of the attachment below.

Stickers for Students

Use the attached templates (PDF or JPEG) to print out stickers that you can hand out at college fairs and campus visits. Hand out to students and educators.

Poster for Counselors and Educators

This two sided piece of print collateral can be used for posters or flyers to hand out to the educators, counselors and other high school leaders. This is a great way to promote a freshman micro-scholarship program.

Principal Letter Template

Some of our partner institutions have had success gaining program traction by sending a physical letter to high school principals. Use this template to introduce your micro-scholarship program and how it can support their students. This is a great way to get support at a leadership level to help drive engagement with educators, who in turn drive engagement with students – and a physical letter may grab a principal’s attention over another email that gets lost in an overflowing inbox. 

Below are two versions:

1. General - for programs built to reflect your existing merit aid strategy

2. Targeted - for programs built to engage a specific demographic, often comprised of dollars than can be awarded in addition to your existing merit aid programs

Using the templates

Customize highlighted content to fit your school and micro-scholarship program details. Occasional instructions are in red italics and can be removed upon finalizing your template. 

Want to learn more about how to use these resources? Check out this 15-minute RaiseMe pipeline-building best practices webinar