Presentation Templates

Use the presentation templates below to host in person or virtual workshops where you can introduce high school students to your RaiseMe program, help them get signed up, and continue to foster that relationship through their remaining years of high school. 

Talking Points for Admissions Counselors

Share this document with your Admissions Counselors to help them speak about RaiseMe with students accurately and comfortably. 

Your micro-scholarship program is a natural fit in conversations with prospective students and their parents. Learn key phrases that will help students and parents understand and get excited about RaiseMe micro-scholarship program(s). 

Territory Management

The RaiseMe college portal allows college enrollment and admissions staff to get to know prospective students. Learn to create saved groups for your territories, filter for students, and send group messages to students from similar geographies.

Print Material Templates

  • QR code post cards - There are tons of QR code generators out there – feel free to take your pick! We know Canva makes it easy to resize the QR code to scale. You simply need to have your join page URL and the site will convert to a QR code you can save and add into the box of the attachment below.
  • Poster for counselors and educators - This two sided piece of print collateral can be used for posters or flyers to hand out to the educators, counselors and other high school leaders. This is a great way to promote a freshman micro-scholarship program.