Once the requested appeal has been added to the student's account either by a manual request, bulk action, or student request, the student receives a notification that the appeal has been added and to log into their account. After logging into StudentForms, the student has an action card for the appeal indicating that there is a task for the student to complete.

For each global appeal, the school admin user has the ability to adjust the appeal instructions, signed statement instructions, and if they want to make the upload of supporting documentation optional through Settings > Appeals.

Student View

After logging into StudentForms, the student is taken to the Needs Action screen. This is an overview screen of all the tasks that require the student's attention.

  • The student selects the Appeal transaction card to open the appeal transaction

After the student opens the appeal transaction, they would take the following action to complete the appeal:

  • Click on the Appeal task to expand the task
  • Click the Fill Out button to complete the appeal webform

The global webforms in StudentForms all have the same parts to the appeal including a signed statement, supporting documentation if required and e-signature.

Within the global appeal webforms, the student is required to complete the following:

  • Enter a signed statement - to provide the required information requested in the instructions
  • Click I will provide supporting documentation - if required by the school, otherwise the student may skip this step if not required
  • Once they complete all parts of the web form they are able to e-sign the document.
    • For Dependent PJ EFC appeals a parent signature is also required

After the student e-signs or opts out of e-sign and uploads the form, the student would upload any required supporting documentation to support their appeal. 
  • The student Clicks the Submit button - to submit their appeal for review
  • The student Clicks the Finish button - once all tasks are complete