StudentForms allows school users to request additional documentation as needed from the student. A majority of the global document requests in StudentForms are upload only requests. There are some documentation requests that are web forms or download/upload tasks. The attached file at the bottom of this article provides more information about each global documentation request available. 

Users with the Admin and Limited Admin role may request additional documentation for the Verification and Appeals transaction types.

Users with Generic Transaction Admin role may request additional documentation for the Other documents transaction type.

Users with transaction-specific roles may request additional documentation for the transaction type they have access to:

  • School FAO - Verification
  • School PJ User - PJ EFC and PJ DO
  • School COA User - COA 
  • School EFA User - EFA
  • School SAP User - SAP
  • School Custom Appeal - Custom Appeal

Requesting Additional Documentation

Documentation may be requested several ways within StudentForms:

  • Manually within each transaction type document review section
  • Through bulk action
  • Other Documents by requesting the transaction 

Below we will go over manual requests and other documents request. For more information on requesting through bulk action please review the Bulk Action solution article.

Manual Request

Adding a task manually to a transaction the user will need to go to StudentForms>Search Student>Transactions. If requesting a transaction to be opened, the school user is taken to the transaction once it has been opened.


  • Click Review for the transaction type in which the document is being requested

  • Click Add+ to open the Request Additional Info modal

Within the Request Additional Info modal, school users have the ability to search for a specific document type by entering the name of the document type into the search box and then clicking the Search button.  Otherwise, the document types are listed aphabetically within the modal and the school user may scroll through the list. 

  • Click Add Request + for the document type that is being requested to add to the student's transaction. This opens the Request Comment modal.

  • Enter a Comment into the text box to explain the reason for the request or to provide additional information to the student on what they need to provide.  
    • Note: All comments entered into the text box are visible to the student.
  • Click Save & Closeto save the comment. This returns the user to the Request Additional Info modal.
    • Note: Adding a document type request requires the user to save twice, once in the Request Comment modal and again in the Request Additional Info modal.
  • Clicking Cancel does not save the comment and returns the user to the Request Additional Info modal. 

After the comment has been saved, the Add Request + changes to a Delete Request - option. Additional document requests may be added by clicking the Add Request -.

  • Click Save to add the requested document(s) to the student's transaction
  • Clicking Close returns the user to the transaction page without adding the requested document(s)

Prior to the student submitting the document (student uploads document and clicks the submit button) the requested documentation may be later removed by reopening the Request Additional Info modal and using the Delete Request - option.  

Once a document has been submitted and is not able to be removed from the student's tasks, the document request will be grayed out and show locked when hovered over. 

Request Other Documents Transaction

Other documents transaction works slightly differently from the other transaction types. Usually, documents within the Other Documents transaction are documents that are not part of verification, c code resolution, or an appeal. The Other Documents transaction remains open and never gets moved to Verified transaction status.  For each document requested in this transaction type, the school may approve, pend, and reject the documents individually.

To initially request a document in Other Documents the school user goes to StudentForms>Student Search>Student Profile>Transactions>Add +

In the Request Transaction modal, the school user will need to provide the following:

  • Select the Award Year the Other Document request is being added to
  • Select Transaction: Open Other Documents Transaction
  • Select Document Type: There are some global documents within the Other Documents transactions but mainly this transaction type is used for custom document requests for the school 
  • Enter a reason for the request in the text box: This comment is visible to the student. The school user would use the comments to provide instructions to the student on what is needed for the request
  • Click Submitto open the Other Documents transaction and add the request for the student
    • Click Confirm to confirm the request and add the document for the student
    • Click Cancel to return to the request transaction modal
  • Click Cancel to return to the transactions screen without adding the request

Once the request has been added, the school user is taken to the Other Documents transaction.

From the Other Documents transaction, the school user may add additional requests for documents for the same award year by using Add+ to open the Request Additional Info modal.

The school user may also add additional Other Document requests from the transaction screen using the Add+. 

Request Information - Default Documents/Tasks Available to Request

The tasks in the Request Additional Information button are either upload only, webforms, or downloadable PDFs.  Some forms are award year specific and are not available in all award years. Additionally, some documents may only be requested in a specific transaction type i.e. 2021 tax documents are only available for Professional Judgment Appeals until the 2023-2024 Award Year begins, at that time the 2021 tax documents become available in verification for 2023-2024. 

Upload Only Requests

Most of the documents in the Request Information button are upload only tasks.  Meaning the student receives an upload step for the documentation being requested, no document is provided from StudentForms. The student would need to obtain the documentation from an outside agency or if the school has the document provide it to the student to complete and upload into the task. 


There are some webforms in the Request Information button that require the student to fill out a form with the option to e-sign, these are indicated below in the task type column. For the documents indicated as a webform in the task type column, selecting the link opens a sample web form output document. The sample opens in the same window, to open in a new window press CTRL while clicking the link, or click on the link using the scroll wheel on your mouse. 

Please Note: The webforms are only samples, the content may vary depending on ISIR information and the information the student enters into the webform, sections may be added or removed.

Download Tasks

Download tasks are downloadable PDFs that the student would download, print, complete, and then upload back into StudentForms or if required, the school can upload on the student's behalf. These are usually documents where either the student needs to appear in person (Statement of Educational Purpose) or a third party (advisor, another school) needs to complete and/or sign the document.  

Please Note: The Verification Form is not available through request information.  It is only triggered by the student being selected by the U.S. Department of Education for verification or by the school manually selecting the student for verification using the Request Verification option. To see examples of the verification form, please click here.

Note: Due to the waiving of Verification for the 2021-2022 award year, the Verification web forms are available through request information for 2021-2022 only.  

The attachment below has the documents available through Request Information. They are separated by General documents found in all award years and Award Year specific documents found in each award year.